Workshop: Taking Care of Your Vehicle

J.M. Automotive is excited to offer an  informative program for first time car owners, or owners who are in charge of their vehicles for the first time. If you get a flat tire, do you know where to put the jack to jack up your car? Do you know how to check your oil, or fill up your windshield washer fluid? Taking care of your vehicle will save you money down the road, and knowing the basics of car care is the first step. We will be offering this workshop on Saturdays. Bring in your own vehicle, and learn the basics with a licensed mechanic to answer all of your questions. Gift certificates will be available so that you can give the workshop to a loved one as a gift. The workshop will run for about 1 hour, and cost $40. Each session is one on one, but we can accommodate 2 at a time, if that is preferable.

Call us to find out more details: 613-258-2984